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Metal Prints

This kind of prints are made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets which are scratch resistant and waterproof and therefore will not fade over the years. Because the image itself is infused into the surface of the piece, the image gets a unique luminescence which makes it vivid, sharp and elegant. 

I currently offer Aluminum Panels with two different base colors: White & Clear. For the most accurate and vibrant color representation and crystal clear precision, choose a white base. If one desires a “Metal Effect” with a metallic reflection accenting the artwork, choose the Clear base. Both are amazing and provide uniqueness to the artwork. 


Acrylic Prints  

This kind of process creates an Innovative product and can transform a great piece into an impressive stunning artwork. There are two variations of printing - Direct to the Acrylic glass which is ideal for backlighting, or on a Professional photographic paper and mounted on 6mm thick diamond polished acrylic which makes brilliant colors with an impressive depth effect similar to 3D impact. 


Perspex Prints

This kind of print is Similar to the Acrylic Print but can be printed on larger sizes or custom made sizes. The photo is printed directly on a 3 or 6 mm Perspex board, mounted to a PVC board on the back and finished by a floating concealed aluminum mount which gives the piece it's unique Fine artistic look. 

*Custom made sizes available!


Dibond Sandwich Panel

This Kind of process is based on high quality Luster paper and a careful color control print, mounted to an Aluminium Dibond sheet. This Sandwich creates a light floating elegant effect combining a vivid, vibrant alive color to this piece of art. The whole piece is finished with a concealed aluminum mount, ready to hang.

*Custom made sizes available!


No Frame is needed with those products, just hang them on your wall!



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